AlZaeem Company offices in Iraq

Zayouna Branch

Phone number: 009647705404140

Address: Al-Rubaie Al-Khudmi Street, opposite the Viola Center

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Palestine Branch

Phone number: 009647710089008

Address: Palestine Street, near Beirut Square

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Mansour branch

Phone number: 009647723237444

Address: 14 Ramadan Street: In front of the seal refreshments

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Erbil branch Phone number: 009647505077250

Address: 30 meter street in front of the consulate Iran

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Sulaymaniyah branch

Phone number: 009647733008066

Address: Salem Street – Telari Salem, second floor, near the Khafaf exchange

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Dohuk branch

Phone number: 009647518210405

Address: Cork Course, opposite Rania Restaurant

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Kirkuk branch

Phone number: 009647700324488

Address: Governorate Street, next to Warka Bank

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Mosul Branch

Phone number: 009647709191463

Address: Al-Zari district, near the Suez Bridge

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Najaf branch

Phone number: 009647801172222

Address: Rawan Annex, next to Saad Anjour Showroom

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Hilla Branch

Phone number: 009647810004033

Address: Association Street inside Beirut Complex

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Basra Branch

Phone number: 009647815154008

Address: Minawi Pasha, opposite Mohamed Hashem Restaurant

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Nasiriyah branch

Phone number: 009647803464570

Address: Falaka Al-Samawa – opposite Rafidain Bank

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Hotel reservations

Issuance of visas and visas

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