About us

Al-Zaeem Group for Travel and Tourism is considered one of the first companies in the Iraqi travel and tourism world, as its first branch was opened in 2007 in the capital, Baghdad, and then the development took place and was able to open branches in all Iraqi governorates and then go to international branches.


why us

Al-Zaeem Group of Travel and Tourism seeks to provide a distinctive and integrated service in the most appropriate manner

Prices for its clients through its long experience in this business

It is distinguished by its highly qualified staff

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The goals of the company

In Al-Zaeem Touristic Group of Companies, we always strive to improve our work to provide the best tourism services, and to secure the best offers for our customers, because the tourism field is the most important field among all services, and all human beings must obtain the best possible service.


Our Team

Qusai Al Salah
Istanbul branch manager

Ola Kamel
Dubai branch manager

Issam Taher
Iraq branch manager

Sami Abu Ajwa
Jordan Branch Manager

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Flight tickets reservation

Tourism trips

Hotel reservations

Issuance of visas and visas

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